Friday, 8 April 2016

SPLIT trial - Saline v Plasmalyte for resuscitation in ICU; New SCCM podcast with Dr Paul Young

The recent Noosa meeting of the ANZICS CTG was highlighted by a presentation by John Myburgh on the upcoming PLUS trial.  I had the good fortune to interview John in a podcast found elsewhere on the blog.

PLUS is a multi centre, multinational trial examining the role of buffered crystalloid solutions (in this case PlasmaLyte 148) for fluid administration to ICU patients when compared with normal saline.  It's an important study that will (like so many ANZICS CTG / George Institute trials) inform our approach to fluid management for years to come.

But these major trials don't just happen, with years of preparation work required to refine protocols and create a body of research to underpin the study.

SPLIT is just such an example.  Dr Paul Young from Wellington was the principle investigator and joined me in a podcast just released by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, found here

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