Friday, 8 May 2015

PODCAST : Learning Echo in a minimally resourced environment

The latest SCCM podcast has been released in which I chat to Kay Choong See, a leading Intensivist in Singapore, about their approach to teaching Pulmonary Care trainees how to do a limited transthoracic ultrasound in critically ill patients.

KC has very effectively illustrated how the process of credentialing for echo might work in this environment.  Trainees were required to undertake online learning modules to reinforce their theoretical knowledge of echo.  They were tested on this knowledge by an expert in a face to face environment before they were required to perform a limited number of echos under direct supervision.

They then reinforced their learning by recording and reporting further echos, and these were reviewed by their supervisors.

They found that their results supported existing guidelines that around 30 echos were required to achieve a level of consistency that KC and his colleagues were happy with.

This is an important study.  It demonstrates a process by which clinicians can ensure the proper up-skilling of their staff in a selected procedure, and informs the debate about how many are required to ensure a level of competency.

You can link to the podcast here to find out more

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